Home Sweet Disney?


To some, Walt Disney World is an over-priced tourist trap, others call it their favorite vacation spot, and some call it the most magical place on earth. Personally, I refer to Walt Disney World as my home. In my mind, home is not necessarily where you reside. Home is where you feel at ease, where you are comfortable, where you love to spend your time. Your home should make you happy and carefree, and that is exactly what Disney World is for me.

I have been a guest many times at Disney, but I have also been a cast member. And let me tell you this: both are equally as magical. As a guest, you experience the magic. As a cast member, you create it. My college program was the best journey I’ve experienced thus far. I’m not going to say that my entire 7 months were filled with giggles and smiles, because let’s be honest, they weren’t. Yes, there were times I wanted to quit, I wanted to see my family, I didn’t want to work until 5:00am.

But let me tell you this: the good moments completely outweigh the bad ones. Adventuring in the parks whenever you pleases, being excited to work because you loved your co-workers, seeing a firework show nearly every night for 7 months, and the list can truly go on forever. I also met my best friends on my College Program whom I consider family. Although they live across the country (and some across the world), I know that they are only a phone call away, and that they are always there for me no matter the circumstances. They are literally the best people I have ever met in my entire life. After all I said, I know people will still argue: Disney is just there to make money.

To those of you who think this is the only this Walt Disney World stands for, I say this: until you have seen a child walk through the gates of Magic Kingdom for the first time (yes, their faces do light up), until you have sung Wishes at the top of your lungs with your best friends that are also your co-workers (yes, this did occur every night), until you have created magical moments for every guest possible. Well, you can’t really judge those of us who love Disney with all our heart. That is why Walt Disney World is my home. 

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