If I Could Go Back In Time

There are a few things that I wish I could tell my 16-year-old self. Here’s a few that made it to the top of the list. (Complete with super embarrassing photos of my high school years, yikes!)

1. Having one best friend is a world better than a large group of friends. 

I have had the same best friend since my freshman year of high school. I was the new girl in town. We awkwardly sat next to each other at lunch, and had Algebra together. Here’s the kicker though, our dad’s had worked for the same company for roughly 15 years. We were both originally from Ohio, and we really hit it off. We are rolling up on our 7 year friend anniversary (yes, we do count those)! Let me just be completely and totally honest here: out of my huge friend group, she is the only person I still talk to on a regular basis from my high school.

2. There is nothing wrong with being a good girl. 

I never got in trouble, I never got grounded, and I never even had thoughts about doing anything that was considered “bad”. I was a goody-goody, and if I’m being completely honest, I still am. The only difference between then and now though, I really don’t care. I am completely and 100% confident in who I am.

3. A boy will not complete you, or make you life worth living. 

This is the one that majorly hits home. There were plenty of times when my biggest concern was getting a boyfriend, going on a date, or merely just trying to impress them. Not having a boyfriend bothered me so much, whereas now I am more concerned with landing my dream job (the way it should be)! I had crushes that nearly broke my heart.  Not okay, not ever okay, and definitely not worth it.

4. Your best is okay, but it could be much better. 

I just slid by high school, without really putting in the effort. I was in the top of my class, but I could have studied harder. I could have cared more about my grades. I could have cared more about my dancing career, yes I did dance for about 14 years of my life. I also could have put more effort into my relationships. It definitely would have better prepared me for the real-world.

5. Don’t dwell on the past or future, instead live in the moment.

This is a concept I’m still trying to adapt to. I haven’t quite grasped this way of living yet, but I’m hoping I will soon get the hang of it. My entire high school experience, I just wanted to graduate. Now, while I would never relive high school, I wish I would have savored the easy-going lifestyle of my teenage years. I would also play past situations over-and-over again in my head, my memory constantly on replay, instead of moving on from the situation. I realize that lifestyle is extremely unhealthy mentally. Live life and proceed with living.

6. Love yourself, completely and unconditionally. 

You cannot rely on others for your happiness. You are the only one that can make yourself happy in this world. You know what your dreams are, so go after them. You know what you love, so go after it. You know what makes you happy, so make it a reality.

As I look over this list, I realize that it’s never to late to receive or give advice. Love yourself, don’t give up, and make your dreams a reality.

“When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not, it’s just the beginning.” -17 Again

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